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“The Law of AttrACTION Action Guy”

Here’s Living Proof™
“Create Your Life, Your Future, Your Destiny”

“It is your destiny to live out your greatness in accordance with your vision, talents, and desire.”  — Jim Alvino


Why do so many people fail to achieve their dreams and goals, as if standing on a precipice, overlooking their Promised Land, but unable to enter its gates?

QuantumHeartIn his dynamic inspirational speech, Here’s Living Proof™, Dr. Jim Alvino – international speaker, success coach, author, trainer, and radio personality – tells us WHY and offers his unique prescription for success.

Here’s Living Proof™ is Dr. Alvino’s tour de force signature presentation that will challenge, motivate, entertain and inspire you to take charge of your life with the right mindset and action steps for creating a life you envision!

The pendulum has swung in favor of a scientific worldview where everything is interconnected and interrelated – our uniqueness, power and manifestations spring from a single river of energy that’s the undercurrent of all reality.

Let Dr. Alvino guide you and your organization to new heights of experience, realization, insight, and growth.

Memorable Dramatic Moments from Here’s Living Proof…

  • “It has been my Mission to advance the universal conversation that Consciousness creates everything, that we are that Consciousness, and that we are responsible and empowered to create our life, our future and our destiny.”
  • “You spring from the Quantum-Heart… you are enmeshed in a vast field of energy… it is the source of our free will and capacity to choose and decide… we’re not separate at all, but entangled with everything else in the universe, touching simultaneously, everywhere and all the time.”
  • “The Law of Attraction is rooted in the quantum Law of Observation™, which states that objects come into existence by observing them… it begins with a thought-print™, becomes a blueprint of the grand edifice of your life, then an imprint on the face of reality… that’s how we create and attract…”
  • “The life you are living right now is EXACTLY the life you have created choice by choice… everything in your life is frequency specific to whom you are.”
  • “We get and experience in life EXACTLY what we expect, accept and believe about our reality and our capacity to affect it… there’s nothing else to have… if you think small you’ll shrink into that vision, if you think big you’ll grow into THAT vision.”
  • “Here is the most radical shift you will need to make in your paradigm: The microcosm creates the macrocosm, not the other way around… it’s NOT, I’ll believe it when I see it… it’s I’ll see it when I believe it… and not a moment sooner.”
  • “My Formula for Manifestation: Focus + Action + Surrender = Manifestation… this is how we can alter physical reality with our mind.”
  • “You must first become whom you seek to attract… there are infinite possibilities of YOU – multiple versions of yourself standing in quantum superposition – until you collapse on the one you desire to become.”
  • “Attraction Is Endorsed by Action™.”

Meet James Alvino

James Alvino is founder of Monetize Your Niche®, Inc., a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to “helping entrepreneurs pursue their passion for profit;” and founder of Advanced Law of Attraction Training Institute.  He is a celebrated business success coach and certified Law of Attraction trainer and facilitator.

Jim is known as “The Corporate Law of Attraction Guy” for his success in helping companies of all sizes get into action and create an LOA culture in the workplace.  In this capacity, he has worked with insurance companies, real estate offices, Hilton and McDonalds franchises, the entertainment industry and other venues to help with goal setting, increasing sales and attracting ideal clients and relationships.


As one of the premier business coaches affiliated with Top One Coaching, the JT Foxx Organization, and The Raymond Aaron Group, Jim has dozens of clients all over the world ranging from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies.  His clients span the globe from North America to South Africa, from Europe to Australia, from California to Hawaii.

Throughout most of 2013, Jim has been on a world tour with JT Foxx, Olympic Gold Medalist Steven Bradbury and other premier speakers and headliners.  Tours have included the “Million Dollar Challenge,” “Sales and Marketing for Smart People,” the “Perfect Business Model,” the “South Africa Tour,” and the “C7 Business Model Tour” in Australia and North America.  Jim has received rave reviews and is quickly becoming an international celebrity.

Jim has a PhD. in philosophy from Boston College, has been practicing meditation for 25 years, has been a certified meditation instructor, and has written two books for Little/Brown on parenting gifted children.  It was during his graduate studies that he was first introduced to the principles of quantum physics and other underpinnings of the Law of Attraction, which he has incorporated into his life and business ever since.

Jim is also a featured host on LOA Radio Network.  His show, “Tap into the Quantum Heart,” is dedicated to helping you reach the deepest, most creative aspects of your Transcendental Self, which is the place and source from which we attract and create our life, our future and our destiny.

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